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If you are looking for a challenge and are passionate about developing the first unified platform for complex digital twin simulation, you've come to the right spot!

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Receive a highly competitive equity grant - with the potential for exponential growth - on day one

Unlimited PTO

Take time off without worrying about whether you’ll have enough PTO banked for that upcoming trip or holiday.

401(k) with 4% match

We will match your contributions to Sedaro’s retirement plans dollar-for-dollar up to 4%. All contributions vest immediately.

Paid parental leave

We offer 12-weeks of parental leave for all new mothers and fathers. If you’ve worked for us for at least a year, all 12-weeks are paid

Team meals and snacks

We keep our kitchen stocked with snacks and provide team lunches twice a week.

Free medical insurance for you and your family

We cover the full premium of our Silver 3000 medical insurance for you and your eligible family members. We also offer enrollment in our vision and dental plans for you and your family.

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Our Values

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We value our team members' productivity and output, and we value them as individuals even more. We promote and enjoy a cyclical positive relationship between satisfaction of team members and overall performance and success of the company.

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We trust each other to be intelligent, responsible, autonomous, and respectful in decision making regarding our product and personnel. This is crucial for collaboration and quick decision making and encourages empowerment and accountability.

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We manage speed and perfection in our products and our work-life balance. While delivering products quickly is essential, it's also necessary to strive for excellence in our efforts and to maintain work-life balance to ensure the long-term success of the team.

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We seek, give, and receive feedback in an ego-free, honest, and kind way to support individual development and the overall growth of the company.

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We’re passionate and intentional about researching, generating, sharing, and implementing new and creative ideas for our product and business. This facilitates continuous improvement and adaptation.

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