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Sedaro CEO, Robbie Robertson, featured on Kratos' Constellations Podcast

Mark Godine

Dec 6, 2023

Constellations Podcast Episode 168: Digital Twins, the Engineering Metaverse and Potential for Breakthrough Designs

Sedaro CEO and Co-founder, Robbie Robertson, speaks with John Gilroy, host of the Constellations podcast, about the need for digital twins in the ever-evolving space industry. As more complex space systems are being designed, implemented, and operated, the need for higher-fidelity models to accelerate automation is becoming more apparent. To model such complex, large systems, traditional compute-resource restricted desktop software rapidly reveals its inadequacy--to truly capture such high-fidelity models of these complex systems, a cloud-distributed simulation architecture must be utilized. Sedaro's distributed cloud-based simulation platform allows for this complex, interdependent modeling of systems efficiently and accurately--not only for space systems, but for systems in any domain.

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