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Sedaro featured in SpaceNews

Mark Godine

Jun 5, 2023

SpaceNews reports on the gaining traction for digital twins in military satellite programs

Arlington, VA -- Sedaro was featured in a recent SpaceNews article discussing the growing demand for digital twins within the Department of Defense. SpaceNews is a prominent print and digital publication that covers business and political news in the space and satellite industry.

From the article, the Space Development Agency (SDA), under the USSF, as well as the National Space Test and Training Complex (NSTTC) are among the many program offices in the DoD that have recently embraced the conept of digital engineering to support current and future missions. CEO, Robbie Roberston, discusses with SpaceNews reporter, Sandra Erwin, the need for digital twins in the increasingly complex future mission architectures of the DoD.

The full SpaceNews article can be viewed here:

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