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Sedaro wins AFWERX Phase I Open Topic Contract

Mark Godine

Apr 28, 2023

UAV Modeling comes to the Sedaro platform

Arlington, VA — Sedaro was awarded an AFWERX Phase I Open Topic to develop UAV capabilities in its Sedaro digital twin platform. During the 3-month period of performance, Sedaro will research and prototype physics engines which will model UAV systems, allowing concurrent simulation with Sedaro’s high-fidelity satellite digital twins within a single Scenario.Within the scope of the Phase I, Sedaro will research and prototype:

  • Dynamics and Control of aircraft, including reduced order aerodynamic forces and torques, estimation and control algorithms, and trajectory and attitude propagation.

  • Thermal convective and conductive heat transfer with hooks for integrated high-fidelity finite-element modeling software in-the-loop.

  • Propulsion systems, including electric drive props, jet turbines, and turbo props.

  • Communications modeling for RF and free-space optical links during data transfer between agents

  • Electronic Warfare modeling of radar countermeasures, jamming and spoofing, observability characteristics, and drone disruptors.

Together with the satellite digital twin models in Sedaro, the addition of UAV agents will deliver new capabilities for high fidelity multi-domain simulation.

Try Sedaro for free today:

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