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SpaceNews Features Sedaro for AFWERX STTR Phase II Award Announcement

Mark Godine

Aug 25, 2023

CEO Robbie Robertson talks to the ISAM capabilities being developed under the Phase II contract in collaboration with Space Dynamics Laboratory and Draper.

Sedaro has been featured in SpaceNews for their recent AFWERX STTR Phase II win to develop enhanced In-space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM) capabilities in the Sedaro platform as reported by Sandra Erwin, Senior Staff Writer for SpaceNews covering military space programs, policy, and technology. Read the press release here.

SpaceNews is one of the most comprehensive sources of news and analysis of the space industry covering civil, military, and commercial space programs.

About Sedaro

Sedaro is a cloud software company located in Arlington, VA developing a high-fidelity, multi-domain, modeling and simulation platform for digital twins. An evaluation of the Sedaro platform can be accessed free for 7-days:

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