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VIPC’s Virginia Venture Partners Invests in Sedaro to Scale SaaS Platform for Digital Twins and Cloud-Based Simulation

Mark Godine

Nov 22, 2023

Pushing the boundaries of engineering simulation and data fusion to enable a more broadly accessible autonomous future.

The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) has announced that Virginia Venture Partners (VVP), its equity investment program, has invested in Sedaro Corporation. Funding will enable Sedaro to accelerate the company's growth as we continue to develop our turn-key, flexible SaaS platform for cloud-scalable simulations.

Sedaro is continuously developing new capabilities in our digital twin platform and broadening the platform's scope to enable engineers in any domain to develop complex simulations of their systems. We're excited about how the product will evolve in the next year, and investments from partners such as VIPC/VVP help us to attain our goals faster.

Read the full press release here:

Learn more about VIPC and VVP here:

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