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Digital Twins and the Engineering Multiverse

connected system simulation to accelerate, optimize, and automate

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The Sedaro Platform

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Integrated Design
System Evaluation
AI Training and Certification
Automated State-of-Health Monitoring
Operations Decision Aids
Edge Twins for Safe Autonomy
Automated Anomaly Response
Operator Training
Adaptation to New Requirements
Virtual Prototype & Test
Unified modeling
from tools and users across all teams and disciplines
Data fusion 
from external sims, hardware, and software
Automation pipelines to support use cases from model tuning to AI-training and decision support
Simulation of integrated, connected system models at-scale in the cloud

Sedaro digital twins can deliver massive value across teams and across the system lifecycle

In-Browser Graphical User Interfaces

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Role-based access control, Git-based collaboration

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Multiphysics and interdisciplinary simulation or study configuration and control


Customizable "boards" with 3D playback, geospatial, and charts

Open-Source Software Interfaces for Integration and Automation


Comprehensive access to the Sedaro API from 40+ languages



Python package for turnkey methods to accelerate integration and control

Python Client

Sedaro code examples to complement open documentation

Github Repository

Test drive the Sedaro platform

Analyze output from a pre-run scenario directly in the browser

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Fully integrated
Full lifecycle

01 /


Collaboratively develop an interdisciplinary model of your system, mission design, and operational plans.

02 /


Rapidly simulate your systems in the cloud and use our engaging analytics to drive collaborative refinement and iteration of your design.

03 /


Use Sedaro's APIs to integrate your model with the rest of your engineering tech stack for a fully digital workflow. Then, during operations, fuse external data to turn your Sedaro model into a validated digital twin that can be used for real-time operational decision making.

High-performance simulation in the cloud

Gone are the days of expensive, in-house machines for modeling and simulation. Leverage our managed, distributed compute clusters to complete complex simulations within minutes.

Everything in one place

Sedaro is structured to automate the exchange of engineering data between disciplines. As additional features are added to the platform, your team will be able to unleash the full power of model-based engineering out of the box.

Robust, accessible, and secure data

Leave your data versioning, security, and back-ups to us so that you can focus on the exciting challenges unique to your mission.

Flexible licensing options

Unlimited headcount licensing which fit your compute requirements, and licensing terms can be monthly or annual. Custom deployment options are available based on your IT and information assurance requirements.

Supporting Bottom-up Adoption of Digital Engineering Tools and Processes


Connected Silos




Overly prescriptive standards foster hostility and stifle digital transformation. Adoption should be encouraged but remain organic and fueled by value to users.

Sedaro focuses on platform
flexibility and customization to enable this evolution - allowing users to leverage Sedaro's underlying technologies directly to create their own innovative Digital Engineering solutions.

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