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Enabling breakthrough designs and optimized performance

Cloud-scalable digital twins 

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Fully integrated
Full lifecycle

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Collaboratively develop an interdisciplinary model of your spacecraft, mission design, and operational plans.

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Rapidly simulate your spacecraft in the cloud and use our engaging analytics to drive collaborative refinement and iteration of your design.

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Use Sedaro Satellite's APIs to integrate your model with the rest of your engineering tech stack for a fully digital workflow. Then, during operations, integrate on-orbit data to turn your Sedaro Satellite model into a digital twin that can be used for real-time decision making.

High-performance simulation in the cloud

Gone are the days of expensive, in-house machines for modeling and simulation. Leverage our managed, distributed compute clusters to complete complex simulations within minutes.

Everything in one place

Sedaro Satellite is structured to automate the exchange of engineering data between disciplines. As additional modules are added to the platform, your team will be able to unleash the full power of model-based engineering out of the box.

Robust, accessible, and secure data

Leave your data versioning, security, and back-ups to us so that you can focus on the exciting challenges unique to your mission.

Flexible licensing options

Modeling capabilities are available a-la-carte and licensing terms can be monthly or annual. Custom deployment options are available based on your IT and information assurance requirements.

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Transition seamlessly from engineering model to digital twin

Sedaro Satellite enables rapid and collaborative design and development of a unified spacecraft model in the conceptual design stage – ensuring a mature, optimal design and reducing the risk of costly design changes later in the project.

As a satellite matures, its Sedaro Satellite model will mature alongside it in real-time. Connections to this centralized and shared model via the Sedaro Satellite API will facilitate a smooth transition from conceptual to detailed design, and finally - through connections to telemetry - a digital twin. 

Our platform will save the average satellite engineering team over $2M, cut time-to-orbit, and improve the performance of your final product.

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