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Sedaro Awarded AFWERX D2P2 Contract to Develop the Sedaro Satellite Energy Balance Module

Sedaro Awarded AFWERX D2P2 Contract to Develop the Sedaro Satellite Energy Balance Module

March 25, 2021

Sedaro Technologies is pleased to announce its award of an AFWERX 20.3 Direct-to-Phase II SBIR contract for their proposal titled "Accelerated Power System Design with Sedaro Satellite”. At the end of this project, the Energy Balance Module will be completed, validated, beta tested, and deployed - further rounding out the capability of Sedaro Satellite for fully integrated digital satellite engineering.

The Energy Balance Module will simulate operation of the core elements of a satellite power architecture: solar array power generation, battery energy storage, electrical power system power processing, and loads. Sedaro Satellite users will be able to utilize these simulations to design their power system and inform their orbit, pointing, and ConOps design.

The SSRI Knowledge Base Goes Live

The SSRI Knowledge Base Goes Live

March 19, 2021

Sedaro Technologies, in collaboration with the Small Satellite Reliability Initiative (SSRI) and NASA's Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute (S3VI), designed and developed the SSRI Knowledge Base to improve mission confidence for small spacecraft.

The SSRI Knowledge Base is a crowdsourced NASA website that consolidates and organizes resources, best practices, and lessons learned from previous small satellite missions. This free, publicly available tool has since been released and is available here.

Sedaro is proud to have worked with NASA and the SSRI to bring this valuable tool to the smallsat community. The need for a comprehensive and evolving resource like the SSRI Knowledge Base continues to grow as small spacecraft mission architectures become increasingly complex and diverse.

Sedaro Presents at the MRQW Workshop

Sedaro Presents at the MRQW Workshop

February 9, 2021

Sedaro Technologies' CEO Robbie Robertson presented at The Aerospace Corporation's Microelectronics Reliability and Qualification Workshop (MRQW) in the session titled "Digital Engineering for COTS Electronics”. Robbie introduced Sedaro Satellite, outlined Sedaro's plans for the Sedaro Satellite Radiation and Reliability Modules, and described how these modules will help transform the way we design satellites. A video recording of the talk is available here.

NASA phase I SBIR win enabling model based systems engineering with sedaro satellite

Sedaro Awarded NASA SBIR Contract for OpenMBEE Integration

June 23, 2020

Sedaro Technologies is pleased to announce that its NASA Phase I SBIR proposal titled "Enabling Model-Based Systems Engineering with Sedaro Satellite” has been selected for contract negotiation. Sedaro Satellite simulations are run in the cloud, utilizing practically unlimited computing resources to rapidly populate trade spaces and disseminate results. With the intention of further leveraging this capability and streamlining integration into aerospace MBSE workflows, Sedaro Technologies plans to upgrade Sedaro Satellite to enable the import, export, and use of SysML models within the platform. We are excited for this new opportunity and appreciate NASA's support of Sedaro Satellite!


Robbie Robertson, CEO and Co-founder, Sedaro Technologies


CEO, Co-founder

Robbie has over 12 years of experience developing space-flight hardware and spacecraft simulation and analysis tools. As the first employee and Product Development Manager at Ibeos, a space avionics provider, Robbie managed the development, manufacture, and test of small satellite products. Robbie received his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and Ph.D. in Applied Physics and Space Engineering from Virginia Tech, where he led the mechanical design of three space plasma instruments, developed the SOLAARS solar radiation pressure model, and installed space weather instruments on the Antarctic Plateau. Robbie has held research positions developing physics-based models of spacecraft attitude and orbit dynamics at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Air Force Research Laboratory, and the German Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research. At Sedaro, Robbie is responsible for creating and implementing our company's strategy, communicating on behalf of our team, and leading the development of our physics engines.

Sebastian (Bas) Welsh, CTO and Co-founder, Sedaro Technologies


CTO, Co-founder

Sebastian has a broad technical background with extensive experience in software/firmware development and mechanical and electrical design, test, and manufacturing. He has led a diverse set of space hardware development efforts - from the second 3D printer to operate in space to a GPU-based payload processor that enables on-orbit machine learning. As Lead Engineer and second employee at Ibeos, a space avionics provider, and Co-founder/CTO of a prior tech startup, Sebastian has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and technical leader. Sebastian received his B.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and has an in-depth understanding of efficient, secure application architecture design and development - specifically related to full-stack web applications. At Sedaro, Sebastian is guiding the detailed development of our products with a commitment to scalability, adaptability, and reliability.

Daniel Martin, COO and Co-founder, Sedaro Technologies


COO, Co-founder

Daniel Martin has a strong background in managing people, budgets, and schedules. In addition to his work at Sedaro, he is currently a Lead Analyst at Technomics, where he provides cost and schedule analysis for large DoD programs with budgets in excess of $150 million. Prior to joining Technomics, Daniel managed Nutravail's production facility for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals and was responsible for a team of over 40 employees. Daniel received his BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, where he worked as a research assistant at the Center for Space Science and Engineering Research. In addition to managing day-to-day operations, Daniel is committed to building efficiency, structure, and organization at Sedaro.


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